VisualJava for eGov

Solving the profitability problem of public SW business

eGov standard framework compatible MDD development platform


General-Purpose Next-Generation MDD Product

An innovative MDD technology that can be applied to any enterprise application development project to fundamentally improve productivity.


eGovFrame Compatibility

Easier access to IT market through compatibility with the eGovFrame which is, due to excellent stability and qualitative maturity, now the most-used foundation technology for application development even in private sector.


Guarantor of Software Project Profitability

  • Project delay due to the increase of development amount is the ultimate cause of deteriorated profitability.
  • VisualJava Hyper-MDD technology lessens the “amount” and guarantees in-time delivery of high-quality products.


Customer Value






VisualJava for eGov Architecture

VisualJava Manual


VisualJava Manual 19.66 MB 104 downloads

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