About JtlSoft..

To contribute to a healthier software ecosystem by providing technology

innovative enough to meet the needs from our software-driven society

with developers focused on creativity rather than mechanical chores.

Hyper-MDD with VisualJava

  • A “model=code” technology enabling optimal handling of application source code in model or text according to abstraction level
  • Model improvements/changes are automatically reflected in source code.
  • Source code changes are automatically reflected in models and reviewable at model level.
  • A true hyper-MDD technology that guarantees burden-free model refinement


Customer Service Suite


Existing public SW project source code and Common Component source  translate to VisualJava code.  


Provide “VisualJava for eGov” integrated development environment and developer education Services .


Consulting service to develop high quality public SW using VisualJava.

Function Development

Function development service that reflects developer feedback to VisualJava IDE

Document Automation

Automatic generation of customized documents according to orderer's demand.


At the end of the project, returning VisualJava-based code to pure eGov framework compatible code.